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Excavating the Empty Tomb Essay

Essay on Excavating the empty Tomb:
The author of the movie “general assertion is that the authenticity of the new gospel” is not genuine. The author believes that the books of the new gospel Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are all fabricated as illustrated by (Top Documentaries, online). The author sees these new gospel books as fictional books that were drawn up by authors who were interested in coming up with formidable stories that they wanted the public to read and be fascinated about.

The assertions that are illustrated by the author seem to be true. This is because all the assertions that the author are supported with facts. What the author asserts are really interesting and fascinating. This is because first of the statement made about the gospel of Mark. All the old versions of the gospel of Mark did not contain the verses starting with chapter nine.

These verses had initially been omitted but eventually were found inserted in the versions that were written later. This is very controversial since the verses that were later inserted seemed to solely support the verdict that Jesus had risen as of the deceased. Although this seems circumstantial with the fact that the general writing flow of these chapters stress on the fact the Jesus arose from the dead along with that he is the only one to be worshipped. The author has very strong arguments against the resurrection of Christ which are strongly supported by the basic facts that he makes through the documentary as explained by (Build Forum, online). Since the books of the gospel were also written anonymously as nobody really knows who their authors are and this is a proven fact. If no one really knows the authors of these books, then their credibility is seriously questioned.

The trends that are evident in the documentary are the omission of the last chapters in the gospel of Mark. We note that the earlier versions of Mark’s gospel did not contain the chapters 9 through to 16. To me, this seems an omission and an inclusion in the new version makes the documents questionable. This makes me doubt the whole authenticity of the bible. If these chapters were initially not present, then just along the writing of the new version, some of the bits included make it unbelievable. The whole editing of the gospels to include the new chapters in the later stages make it seem shrouded with mystery. This is really disturbing to note that the earlier version might have been the correct one. The apparent lack of authors of the gospel of the New Testament further put the writings of the bible in complete mystery. What if the bible stories were written as fiction stories just like the odyssey stories? This could help in illustrating how the fictional nature of the book of Mark is. The author of Mark is mysterious and we are shrouded in mystery. How can a book that is written by a mysterious author be credible?

The new knowledge that I have acquired from the documentary is the writing history of the New Testament gospels. The detailed history on how all the books of gospel were written has given me a new insight about the build in the writing of books in the bible. The illustration on how the book of Mark was first written is really of interest. The interesting bit of the new versions of the gospel of Mark is on it insisting on the resurrection of Christ. Since the other gospels Mathew, Luke and John were written after the book of Mark, they contain the same message but curiously insist on the last chapters of the book of Mark as noted by (Mindscape, online). The insight of this knowledge was the curiosity in the writing of the books on how the authors were able to read the thoughts of Jesus. Reading someone’s thoughts is something that is impossible and no man can accomplish it unless through miracles. The later books also seem to give more detailed explanations that the original book which is unusual as some of the books described were not present in the book of Mark.

The part of the documentary which I disagree with is the parallelism of relation of the events between the odyssey stories and the description of the book of Mark. I think this was a coincidence and the need of the author to find out something that he could compare with his story so as to support the facts. There is no relation whatsoever about the story of a living man and the life history of Christ as noted by (Andrea, online). Since the odyssey story was fictional story, one cannot just pinpoint that the gospel of Mark was also fictional. We normally have fictional stories which are derived or similar to the actual stories. The insistence of Christ that no one tells other his people of who he is was a way to fulfill his will. Without hiding his identity, the purpose which he had been sent to earth to fulfill could not be accomplished. This is in total contrast with what the author wants us to really believe. The story of Jesus Christ on earth cannot be compared with fictional stories. Things that Jesus Christ performed were miracles and can never be explained through science history of mathematics.

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