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Essay on Personal Goals

This is a free example essay on Personal Goals:
Life is a journey filled with impressions left upon one “some from sights, some from smells, some from words” it is these impressions that create the person we are. Some impressions fade in time and others right away. Some creep their way deep into our very being. They coalesce to become the individuals we are.

Some impress so deeply they become the foundation we build our morals and ethical standards on. One of these strong impressions that has left a deep mark in my life is a quote “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten”. This quote has become a sort of credo that I recently decided to live by, the quote that finally motivated me to give into and take action to enroll to pursue a higher education at the University of Phoenix. My attendance at the University of Phoenix is the direct action response to having done what I have always done for too long. I have long had expectations of myself that haven’t been realized. My actions are how I plan to achieve my goals. Through these actions I can reach my long term goal of becoming a doctor.

The retrospective positive measure of my attendance at The University of Phoenix would be to successfully complete all the required classes and obtain my undergraduate degree in Business Management. That alone would signal a successful investment of time and money. However, there are many goals and obstacles that need to be achieved or conquered before my ultimate goal is reached. Goals such as learning to study, learning how to write college level papers, and learning how to manage my time so that school does not affect my working life and my working life does not affect my school.

First, I will start with learning how to study. Studying can be difficult when it has been many years since you last opened a book to actually learn the contents, much less to be tested on the material. Through out my early time and classes at the university, I hope to learn and be reminded of the skills that were instilled upon me through out my grade school era and apply them to my newly arisen ultimate goal. Certainly university level adult learning skills are different then those as children, we apply them differently. They tend to be more in line with the experiences we face as people today. I don’t ever recall being able to justify in my mind as a child why Custer made his last stand, but somehow my elementary school teacher never instilled how that would affect my life, as such it’s not a well recalled detail. Upon developing an adult learning mentality and the skills of an advanced approach to learning under my belt I plan on keeping a high grade point average and in the long run, graduate high in my graduating class.

Secondly, I plan on learning how to write a college level paper. Although, it has been a while since I last sat and wrote a paper or an essay. I have never written a college level appropriate paper. While in attendance I expect to gain the skills and the writing ability to master all levels and types of colegeic papers. It is to my understanding and belief that writing expands the mind and allows the writer to gain the knowledge and ability to better understand the subject that he or she is writing about. Accurate communications skills are required to develop leadership, and master commendable business communications. I see my papers required in classes as training wheels with practice and critique being the catalyst to achieve the skill on my own.

My last goal that I plan to achieve while in attendance at the University of Phoenix is to learn how to better manage my time. Going to school while being a full time business owner can be a very difficult task and extremely time consuming. At the same time, trying to manage my Personal Training business which is my utmost priority and responsibility because it is my way of life and how I can afford to increase my level of education. It is vital that I learn how to manage my time effectively and efficiently. Time management, is not only a tool that will help me succeed in school but it will help me in life and business. I expect to develop time management skills as I gain my education, some by design, and much by default.

In summary, if in a few years I can reflect upon this experience of education and say that I have increased my retention of materials I study, and have learned to apply them to my life and future in a way that improves my contribution to society, improves my personal success, and leaves a mark in some way on others. Should I develop admirable writing skills that create the basis of good written communications, and finally if I can improve on my time management skills to allow me to balance multiple priorities. I will concede that this has been a worthy investment of time and money to gather more advanced tools in life, to ultimately leave impressions on others as they journey through their lives, and I continue to experience this wonderful journey of my life.

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Apr 4, 2011