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English Coursework Help: How to Review Your Freelancers and Know You’re Paying for a Good One

Hiring a freelance writer is easy. Hiring a quality writer who will meet your specifications, use correct spelling grammar and words, and turn in assignments on time is more challenging. If you are looking for the English coursework help, look at these tips before you search for a freelancer to write for you.

Spelling and Grammar

Ask the freelancer to send you several samples of their work. You want at least two, so you can compare the documents and assure yourself that they are similar enough that the freelancer actuallyEnglish Coursework Help wrote them. Check the documents for spelling and grammar errors, or any odd usage of language. Then you want to review the freelancer’s profile, if available. The profile, especially the overview, will reveal many things to you. Lack of an overview or summary may tell you they do not take much pride in their work. Errors in the profile can give you an indication of the quality of paper you might receive from them. If a freelancer will not take the time to make sure the writing they use to represent themselves is perfect, you can be sure they will not take the time on your paper either.


Since you have a few samples of the freelancer’s work determine what type of papers they are. If they are academic papers such as term papers or argumentative essays, you can review the format. A quick Google search will give you an idea of how each specific paper should be formatted, as different papers have different requirements. You can compare the suggested formatting against the sample paper and see if they are similar, or not. A poorly formatted sample paper from a freelancer may mean they do not put enough thought into the format, so if you do work with them you will need to clarify the format and give them specific instructions.

Style and Word Usage

Take note of the writer’s style. Are they too wordy? Do they tend to take the long way around when explaining something? If you see this in the paper, you may see it in future writing you receive from them as well. If you are looking for a specific style you might ask the freelancer if they have any samples in that style, or find a writer whose style is similar to what you are looking for. Many freelancers are able to be flexible to an extent, but the best results come from hiring someone who has a writing style you already view favorably.

Sources and Citations

If the sample is an academic paper requiring sources to be cited, take a look at those too. This will give you a huge insight into how this writer researched the topic subject. If you find the sources odd or not authoritative enough, you might keep searching for a freelancer. You may also be pleased with the sources used and this detail in the sample paper can confirm your choice of writer.

Keeping these details in mind and doing a little research of your own before hiring a freelance coursework writer can save you a headache or two later on.

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