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English 101 Reflecting Bullying Essay as a Therapeutic Experience

According to the UK Annual Bullying Survey 2017, 53% of 10 000 people aged between 12-20 years old have been bullied at some point in their life. They experienced verbal or physical bullying, cyberbullying, social exclusion or extortion. In fact, this type of conflict is so widespread nowadays that encountering it on daily basis isn’t surprising for anyone. Some American states have even adopted laws against bullying while the UK even doesn’t have a legal definition for it (but conducts surveys and researches on the issue).

English 101 Bullying Essay

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Anyway, we bet you understand the seriousness of the issue. But we aren’t here to explain you something that you are well aware of. We want to tell you about therapeutic effects of writing a bullying essay. If you or your friend has ever been bullied, you always can use this approach to deal with the trauma.

It Improves Your Health

According to the research conducted by James W. Pennebaker, an American social psychologist, people who write about their negative emotional experience demonstrate a visible improvement of health – they visit physicians more seldom, their immune systems become stronger and some chronic illnesses recede a bit. It seems like magic, but it really works this way.

It Uplifts Your Mood Long-Term

Though the process of writing about the traumatic experience is quite tough as reported by the participants of the research, the aftereffect is a long-term improvement of mood and overall well-being. Writing lowers stress by allowing people to get their problems off their chest and look at them objectively, like from a distance. This way they can soberly reflect upon the impact of this negative experience and relieve some pressure.

It’s like NZT-48 from Limitless!

Do you remember Eddie Morra from Limitless who came across NZT-48 pills? After taking these drugs, he turned into a completely different person. Although this movie is a figment of talented Niel Burger’s imagination, the effects of NZT are pretty real and can be achieved by writing about the negative experience. Adults who described their traumas and problems in journals or notes got jobs quicker, students improved grades and started to skim classes less. They began socializing more and feeling more successful.

It’s Better than Talking or Working out

If you want to compare talking and exercising with writing in terms of therapeutic effects, writing pulls off a win. Why? Because the thing is in the cognitive outcome – when you translate experience into written language, you can see the story from the perspective of the observer and contemplate over it more. However, combining writing with working out and talking sessions brings much more results than using these methods separately.

Writing bullying essays have much greater benefits than getting good marks for the topic you are good at. If you have ever experienced an act of bullying or you have a friend who suffers from it (even if it happens seldom), try or advise spilling everything out on the paper or Word document. You’ll be surprised by the result.

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