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Distance Learning: Creative Writing Courses You Must Try

Distance learning creative writing courses are a study option where all communication with tutors is held remotely via email, Skype and other electronic means. It is not an innovation Creative Writing Coursesanymore; many universities offer distance learning programs. Therefore, you can get high quality education regardless of your location. They are designed for students who have to combine studies with work, family, and for people with special needs, and basically follow the same structure as the in-class ones.

The best courses in creative writing will teach you how to apply your knowledge to practice. We found some distance education programs for you, where you can develop and practice your writing skills. Some of them are more expensive than others, but all of them are worth checking out.

University of Cambridge offers different courses in creative writing, for example, an introduction to writing bibliographies and other types of non-fiction. On a more creative side, there is an introductory course to short story writing. It is a practical course, which also gives you an overview of the genre itself, as well as important information about sub-genres. You will learn the art of writing through practical exercises.

Creative Writing Summer Program is another course from the Cambridge University. It is more suitable for creative writers who want to develop their existing skills. The program covers different genres of writing, such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction. The great thing about this course is that your tutors are already established writers. You will also learn how to critically assess your own work, writing of other students and tutors.

The Oxford University Department for Continuing Education offers a course for beginners – Getting Started in Creative Writing. If you love reading and the idea of writing your own fiction, this course will help you put your wishes into practice. You will get into writing stage-by-stage, learn different types of creative and critical methods. The course will help you build your confidence and gain practical experience in using key features (e.g., dialogue, point of view). As part of the course, you will also engage in discussions of other students’ work via a forum.

You can get an MA in Creative Writing at Teesside University. It’s a 2 year part-time program, that focuses on practical skills and techniques, as well as the understanding of your own work. You will get an opportunity to experiment and develop your interest, whether it’s prose, poetry or even screen writing.

And last, but certainly not least, if you are completely new to writing, we recommend a program from Exeter University – The Craft of Creative Writing. You will explore different forms of creative writing, like poetry, short story, novel writing, writing for performance and travel writing. This one will also help you learn how to apply different techniques, edit your writing, develop analytical reading habits and give constructive feedback. This course is also the cheapest one on the list.

If writing is your goal in life, don’t just dive into it head first. Take some time to learn the basics.

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