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Compare and Contrast Essay on Sports

Sporting activities are very popular for many people and nations across the world. The reason is that they bring people from different and diverse backgrounds together. They help create a strong bond between societies that participate in the various sports. It has also become a huge economic activity. Many people make large sums of money when they are sportsmen or sports women. Some become millionaires when they are still underage, and this makes their life easier. Sports can also be dangerous. Many instances of deaths have also been reported in sporting events. Due to the financial gain and the fame that results from success in sporting events, many people engage in dangerous sports. The majority of people to engage in sporting for anticipated heath gains, and this has received much attention across the world. However, this gives rise to a debate about the truth of sport being healthy or not. Some sports call for extreme health and fitness because they are so dangerous, and can lead to causing harm to, or, the death of the participants or the audience. Hence, this subject lends itself to compare and contrast essays.

How to write a good compare and contrast essay on sports:

  1. You need not be a sport expert. The writer must, however, understand the workings of sport, the different kinds of sport, and the motivations behind the sports. Whether you can play sport is not an essential ingredient for an unbiased essay.
  2. You need to deal with success and failure. The writer of such a comparative essay should analyze the successes and the failures of sports people. However, success should not be only measured by the money that an individual got from participating a sporting activity, but also the health gains that he/she made. Many people who engaged in sports and made fortunes also suffered injuries that end up frustrating their future.
  3. Compare the possiblity of riches with injuries. The writer should compare whether getting such injuries is worth the money or financial gain received. Sportspeople have died after taking part in competitive sports, and left behind all the monies that they accumulated in their sporting career, for example, various Formula One drivers. Others, like Mohommed Ali, got injuries that eventually confined them, and their lives were made difficult without the use of expensive medications. Such negative repercussions should be compared with the positive gains that sports people get. For instance, being a successful footballer is a shortcut for being wealthy and famous. Many people want to be associated with successful sportspeople, and many still believe that sports are the most lucrative investment that one can have.
  4. Compare and contrast financial inequalities between different sports. The writer should also compare the merits and demerits across the different sporting disciplines that exist. For instance, success in boxing and football mean different things. Tennis and golf, or rugby and cricket are not the same. Some of these sports are more dangerous than others, and the financial gains acquired vary across the different sporting disciplines.

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