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Cheap Essays vs Expensive Essays

Cheap essays refer to the essays that can easily be bought by customers when required. They are easily available for the customer’s disposal; therefore, the customers have the opportunity to buy as many essays as possible. Based on this school of thought, it is common for the customers to prefer companies that offer cheap essays given the wide opportunity available to buy as many essays as possible. An expensive essay refers to the essays that are very costly to buy or acquire. In this case, any customer wishing to buy an expensive essay will only be able to buy very limited number of essays since he or she is unable to meet the costs of purchasing many essays.

It is notable that reduction of the essay cost may translate to many essays being bought by customers based on a theory of demand. This theory states that the higher the price the less the demand, and the less the price the higher the demand. This is to imply that reduction of the essay costs will attract many more clients who may buy the essays from the company due to cost effectiveness for the customers. The rationality behind this is that most customers will prefer to write their own essays as opposed to buying very costly or expensive essays.

However, there is another deciding factor for choosing to purchase either the cheap or expensive essays. This is whether or not the essays are written by professionals, and the level of quality that they display. It is notable that not all writing company services are cheap and may depend on whether the company has professional writers with a lot of experience, as opposed to writers with fewer qualifications and experience.

The type of management of the company will always detect the quality of essays being offered and the cost that comes along with it. Some companies have certain cultures that are implemented within the organization as far as writing is concerned. This kind of culture will shape the direction and nature of the essays being written. If a company is able to recruit professionals writers at a cheaper cost, then this company is able to offer cheaper essays. In this scenario the company’s essays will tend to be in high demand by most customers.

However, if the company does not produce high quality essays then the customers may prefer to buy an essay at a higher cost to get a better service. A rational person will always go for quality products to suit his or her needs; therefore, it may be usual for the customer to buy a fewer number of essays at a higher price than poor quality essays at a lower price. provides cheap custom essays of the highest quality. All essays are written by top-rated academic writers with PhD and MA degrees. We guarantee non-plagiarized papers!

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