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Cause and Effect Essay on Technology

Technology has been part of mans development since the first man took up a dried husk to scoop up water. Over the millenniums technology developed from using stones as rudimentary tools to such developments as sending men to the moon, or probes into our galaxy and beyond. The debate has long raged as to whether technology is the cause or the effect of situations. Water technology, which is vital to mans existence, is an example that mans need drives technology.

Early man simply lived beside Lakes Rivers or streams. Their numbers were small and the supply immense renewed every rainy season. In Egypt, the Nile flooded every year depositing silt. However, to grow crops it was necessary to develop technology. This was the cause or reason for their effort.

They had this fertile soil, a mighty river of fresh water, but to farm they needed to bring water from the river to the fields. They soon developed a system of canals, and buckets mounted on frames to lift water from the river into the canals. The effects were staggering. Not only did they feed themselves, soon they became the breadbasket of the known world. This had further effect in that it caused businesses to develop, trade in many imports and wealth to pay for it. Finally, it paid for further technological development in areas such as military power.

In Europe as populations grew and formed towns water supply was a critical issue. The need for water began to drive technological development. Most these towns started next to a water supply, but as numbers grew, there was not enough. An example was Rome. The city was built on the Tiber River, which met the need. However, as the city grew the Tiber was not sufficient. Distances from the river grew, and pollution from human waste contaminated it. Technology was called for to solve the problem. Roman engineers came up with technology to solve it. Aqueducts were built running from the mountains where there was abundant fresh water. Pumps were designed to lift water, and to push it. Soon Rome was fed with clean water via these aqueducts, some of which survive until today. The effects were many. First, the city could grow unhindered by water restrictions. Rome became the centre of a 1000-year empire, had flush toilets, running water for baths, and fountains throughout the city. After the empire collapsed, it was for the next 1000 years the centre of religious and political power in Europe.

In the colonization of the United States the small villages, who drew water from the river they were built beside began to grow. One of the reasons was the waves of new immigrants coming to settle. Villages grew to become towns and cities. Water was essential and new technologies were needed as mega cities emerged. Without water, New York or Los Angeles would not exist and without technology, there would be no water. There are 3.8 million people live in this desert like area and city. Their water comes from other states via aqueducts. The Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River in Nevada, and water channeled from there to California. The Hoover dam was a technological miracle. Its effect is to supply the mega Californian city Los Angeles with water, and the powerful Californian economy. Without it, Los Angeles could not exist.

Water technology is the cause that we have our great mega cities and their wonderful contributions to our societies.

Tips for writing this cause and effect essay:

  1. To write a cause and effect essay, you need to select an event that resulted in various effects.
  2. Explain what the event was, and why it happened.
  3. You may need to narrow a broad topic. Do this by choosing a category that interests you.
  4. Do your research and once you have gathered your material analyze it. Divide it into two sections, the cause and effect.
  5. Create a simple thesis statement and the start by introducing the cause.
  6. Once you have clearly explained it, then start to explain the effects in a logical manner.
  7. Wrap it up with a simple summary of your points.

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