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The Importance of One’s Name Essay

Argumentative essay on The Importance of one’s Name:
When a child is born, the parents name him or her as per their wish. They could name him or her in accordance to their cultural practices, events, names of dead relatives, materials and tools used, animals among others. Names always play critical roles in people’s lives. Different names may to mean different things. Names may be similar but have different meanings while others may be different but have the same meanings. Virtually everything that is in existence has a name attached to it. Such names are always used when referring to these things to bring to memory the thing in question. Every name has some sense of power associated with it. Such powers may have influences on the life of any individual possessing those names. Therefore, naming of a newborn child or an adult depends on several factors such as cultural beliefs, practices, customs, and the environment.

It is an indisputable fact that human beings have been responsible for naming everything, whether alive or dead, moving, static, plants, animals or microorganisms. For instance, : Sandra Cisneros, in her essay My name notes that a name can mean hope, many letters, sadness waiting (pg. 190) The naming in such cases has been as distinctly precise as none of the organisms named share the same names. In cases where they might share such names, there has always been a clear and precise way that conventionally applies in differentiating the two organisms. Under such situations, different methods are put into consideration. These methods of differentiation of names majorly depend upon the parental hierarchy of such organisms.

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Argumentative Speech on Human Cloning

Human Cloning speech:
Human cloning involves the creation of a generically identical copy of a human. It does not usually refer to the reproduction of human tissues or cells or to the monozygotic multiple births. The ethics of cloning is usually a controversial issue. The term cloning is normally used to refer to artificial human cloning (Almeder 1). Human cloning practices normally raise concerns that are related to ethics. There are those individuals who argue that the practices are not whereas there are also those who are for the practices (Pinon 507).

Ethical views against Human Cloning
There are those individuals who argue that human cloning destroys the unity of parenthood and marriage. Issues like divorce, contraception, vitro fertilization, and extramarital sex ends up affecting the unity of families. Human cloning can create another problem to the unity that normally exists in Christian marriages. This is because the clone with be denied the chance to feel the love of parents (Sherlock and John 573).

There are also those people who argue that cloning human beings will turn them into commodities (Sherlock and John 573). This is because the cloning subjects are referred to as things. A cloning child is a technological project. The child is normally subject to quality control. Treating a person as a thing has become common in our societies. This practice is destructive and immoral. Cloning a child will lead the child being treated as someone’s asset or commodity and not a human being. This is because the child will be perceived as made and not born hence the child might not be treated with respect (Pinon 507).

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Critical Thinking on Female Perpetrators

Critical Thinking on Female Perpetrators:
While conducting the following literature review of female perpetrators committing violence towards their spouse and children, many ideas and practices discussed are the same, yet some were reviewing violence from both male and females point of view. Nonetheless, it appears that, in all the reviewed articles, the researchers tend to agree that cases of female perpetrators committing violence towards their spouses and children are indeed there. It is undoubtedly that most researches address male-to-female violence, although the articles reviewed here are among those addressing male victimization by female spouses. Physical abuse and violence between spouses and children is the focus of this literature review and it has continued to spark more debate within areas of social policy, practice, and research. In the discussion that will follow, the focus will be on comparing and contrasting the articles, analyzing them critically, and looking at the key concepts.

According to Wilkes & Cho (2009), violence taking place within a relationship, which is intimate in nature is a big social problem. In their observation, the victims, be it children or spouses suffer intense psychological, mental, and physical impacts of violence. It is only after police intervened that most perpetrators have been arrested. In contrast, Feldman and Ridley (2003) hold that, in the last ten years, there has been witnessed increased awareness in the public regarding domestic violence and the consequences it has on the well-being of the family and individuals involved. Although most attention has been geared towards male violence on their spouses and children, studies show that female violence towards their spouses is evident in intimate relationships. In view of Feldman and Ridley (2003), there tends to be equal percentages of females (12%) and males (11%) recorded of being violent towards their partners. In a study of 272 couples intending to get married, majority of females than males recorded cases of being violent towards their spouses at (44% vs. 31%) in pre-marriage, and (36% vs. 27%) in post-marriage of 18 months, and (32% vs. 25%) in a post-marriage of 30 months.

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The Odyssey Essay

The Odyssey is characteristically classified as an epic though not all readers may find this book an epic. This book is certainly an epic since it is a heroic tale that is filled with many obstacles which the hero concurs. Also the tone that is used in the book is one of admiration which goes to increase the worthiness of the hero. This book is also full of supernatural powers that influence what is happening in the book. In this essay each of these three characteristics will be proved thus proofing that the odyssey is indeed an epic.

Book one of the Homers Odyssey foretells what is going to happen in the next twenty three books of the Homer’s Odyssey after the incantation of the Muse, the book then vividly shows the events leading to Athena’s appearance before the council of gods to seek their assistance in bringing Odysseus safe and sound back to his kingdom of Ithaca. After Troy is destroyed, the Greeks try to go back home but are unable after they were cursed by the gods. The ones who make it are met by death upon their return. However, Odysseus is left alone on the island of Ogygia and is held captive for eight years by the beautiful goddess Kalypso. Odysseus tries to go back home but his journey is blocked by Poseidon the sea god as Odysseus had blinded his son the Kyklops Polyphemos. However, all the other gods apart from Poseidon are in support of Odysseus return home.

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Research Paper on Classic English Literature

Sample Research Paper on The Great Gatsby:
The story begins with Nick Carraway getting a house in Long island in a place called West egg. He was a scholar and had been educated at the Yale University. During the First World War, Nick got a job in France and, this is when he travelled the world. Nick was not satisfied with the life that he lived. Therefore, he decided to move to the small town and start again. During a visit to her cousin Daisy, Nick learns about the name of his neighbor, well known for throwing parties all the time. The neighbor, Jay Gatsby is a rich man who lives in a big mansion. Nick learns that Jay was an old-time love of her cousin Daisy.

The two met five years ago and became extremely intimate friends. When Jay proposed to Daisy, she refused to marry him because he was not rich and, he had to go and work far away for a long period (Bloom, 72). Daisy instead married a young man from a sophisticated family who had so much money. Jay was hurt by daisy because she refused to marry him because he was poor. He worked tirelessly and eventually became a rich man. He then bought a house near the marital home of Daisy in a bid to rekindle the love they once had.

Nick brings the two together when he invites both of them to his house. Daisy likes the new Jay and the love they once shared comes back to life. Daisy does not feel guilty that she is has extra marital affairs. This is because she knew the extra marital affair that her husband had with the wife of a petrol station owner. Daisy and Jay spend a lot of time together and this raises the suspicion of her husband. Jay did not seem to care whether she was married. To him, Daisy as his wife and all the years that he was away, Daisy had an affair with Tom. He believes that she is his wife so much that he told her he had forgiven her for having an affair.

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