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Tattoo Art among the Maori Essay

We are studying about the Maori people who are the indigenous Polynesians. These people are found in New Zealand. They arrived in new Zealand in voyages as settlers and later became residents. They were isolated by other people and eventually decided to do this type of special art for the beauty purposes which has given them a special identity.

The art as commonly known as ta moko, are permanent tattoos made on the body and the face. These tattoos are made on both sexes of the Maori people. The skin was skillfully decorated with different pictures obtained from the environment. Upon the completion of the curving process, the body was left with beautiful chisels that were appealing to the observers. The skin was left with beautiful grooves rather than the usual smooth skin that was not appealing to many people. This created uniqueness among the people.

Sep 4, 2013

Essay about Insanity

The literally works by Sylvia (The Bell Jar) and by Ken Kesey (One flew over the cuckoo’s nest) made significant impact on the field of literature. The work that was done in the 1960s marked a major milestone in development and advancement of literally work. The two books were able to advance the theme of insanity and are still relevant event to date. The main characters in the books make the reader of the books to understand the true meaning of insanity in a society. Insanity which sometimes may also be referred to as craziness is behavioral spectrum that is characterized by some specific abnormal mental or behavioral tendencies. The two books have been able to advance the theme through the conduct of the main characters in the books.

The fundamental meaning of the literally work by the two authors
The literally work by Sylvia (The Bell Jar) is more than just a confessional novel. It depicts a comic but painful sentiment of what happens to a lady’s aspirations in a society that does not take them seriously. The setting of the book represent a society expects electroshock to remedy the despair of a sensitive, inquisitive young artist whose search for self identity degenerate to terrifying descent nearing to madness (Bloom, Harold 33). It’s a piece of work that highlights the life of a young who is vulnerable wins a dream assignment on a big-time New York magazine and finds that she is plunged into a nightmare. Sylvia’s work is basically a fine novel as bitter and remorseless as her previous poem. Its most significant quality is an astonishing closeness, like a series of snapshots taken at high mid-day. The work can also be described as special poignancy that is a special force and shows the vulnerability of persons of hope and goodwill.

Jul 22, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson Comparison Essay

Compare And Contrast The Life And Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe And Emily Dickinson
Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson are both famous writers whose lives greatly contributed to their style of poetry writing. Edgar Poe lost his parents at a tender age of three. Later in life he struggled with alcoholism and depression due to loneliness, which formed the basis of her poetry themes. Emily Dickinson was alone writer who rarely left his home and had no visitors. Poe’s poems are characterized by a common theme of horror because he focused on bringing out the poetic effect of structure and style. Dickinson’s poems were based on the theme of loneliness, domestic lifestyle and sentimentalism. Her poems were characterized by her upbringing lifestyle and the England seventeenth century the metaphysical poems. The two poets works were similar because their poems reflected upon their lifestyle, however, they contrasted whereby Poes poems were based on the theme of horror while Dickinson’s poems reflected about the traditional lifestyle that existed at the time.

Jul 9, 2013

Early Mobilization Following a Stroke Essay

Issue of mobilization of patients especially those with stroke illness has been a major problem in most hospitals across the globe. The reasons attached to the said lateness have never been set, but concerns have been drawn on the same to establish the contagious situation. Lateness in mobilization sweeps out all the possible benefits if early measures were not put in place. In my essay am going to discuss the possible reasons that drive most clinicians not to take early measure upon stroke patients. The paper focuses on the challenges that face the clinicians in their professional duty and their interaction with the stroke patients (Adler & Malone, 2012).

Jul 1, 2013

Essay on International Families

The family structure on an international basis comes from the diverse nature of the world. This is basic even in the simple family structure. The status, “nuclear family” does not give sense to our society as it once did. The change in the mode of family diverts to single parents as single parents raise more children. The growth of diverse families in terms of religion, race and ethnicity increases with globalization. The differences are common in the life of children, making it a comfort issue in the making of unique family decisions. Families are different, making it difficult to link the similarities and differences. Children are likely to compare their family situations with others making it viable for them to get lessons on appreciation.

Comparison on international families
International families consists of traditional and the modern family. To analyze this understanding, we look at the family in terms of sociology. International families come in different sizes and family types. The modern family is smaller but uses independence to ensure continuity and growth in the family. The traditional family protects its members by using obedience and bringing the family together. The modern family displays as a nuclear family comprising of a father, mother and children. The average number of children may be one or two depending on the family setting. The comparison of this in the traditional family is the existence of extended individuals. The traditional family setting comprises of more children, grandparents, parents and sometimes aunties and uncles.

Jun 26, 2013

Vegetarianism vs Omnivore Essay

Why Vegetarianism is better for the Health than Omnivorism?
Vegetarianism is the practice whereby a person does not consume animal foods, restricting him or herself to eating vegetable foods only. Such a person is referred to as a vegetarian. Vegetarian diets vary widely, ranging from exclusive non-consumption of animal products at all to consumption of animal products such eggs, dairy products, poultry and fish. Vegetarian diets involve plant based foods like legumes, grains, vegetables, nuts fruits and seeds. Vegetarians vary depending on whether or what kinds of animals are eaten. Strict vegetarians are called vegan and their diets exclude all forms of animal products like fowl, meat, eggs and dairy. On the other hand, a lacto-ovo- vegetarian consumes dairy products such as eggs besides plants products. Whereas Lacto vegetarians consume dairy products in addition to plant products, an ovo vegetarian consumes eggs only, as animal products (Nordqvist).

Fruitarian vegetarians consume raw and dried fruit and vegetables only. Cooking is believed to harm the fruits’ nutritional ingredients. Such vegetarians eat all types of fruits, both sweet and non sweet. There are also the semi-vegetarians who consume plant based foods combined with slight amounts of poultry and fish. On the other hand, the macrobiotic vegetarians’ diet consists of cereals, whole grains and cooked vegetables. Omnivorism vegetarians on their part belief in the exclusive consumption of animal and plant based foods. They consume both in moderation. There is a growing concern that the different types of vegetarians like lacto vegetarians are ethical omnivores. An omnivorous diet contains plants and animal foods, but omnivorous persons put more emphasis on meat than on other foods (Nordqvist).

Mar 22, 2013

Excavating the Empty Tomb Essay

Essay on Excavating the empty Tomb:
The author of the movie “general assertion is that the authenticity of the new gospel” is not genuine. The author believes that the books of the new gospel Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are all fabricated as illustrated by (Top Documentaries, online). The author sees these new gospel books as fictional books that were drawn up by authors who were interested in coming up with formidable stories that they wanted the public to read and be fascinated about.

The assertions that are illustrated by the author seem to be true. This is because all the assertions that the author are supported with facts. What the author asserts are really interesting and fascinating. This is because first of the statement made about the gospel of Mark. All the old versions of the gospel of Mark did not contain the verses starting with chapter nine.

Feb 22, 2013

Essay on Graffiti Art

Los Angeles is the most densely inhabited city in the state of California, and stands in second place after New York City, as the most populous in America. Most people in the city socialize mostly through cultural traditions and arts that are mainly practiced in the area. These arts form the basis of communication and expressions whether political or social. That being a few of the forms of expression graffiti is being widely used in the city. This form of art is employed as a means of social and political expression. The reason as to why young people use this form of avenue is that it is quite public and will relay the message. The fact that they are not provided with platforms to express themselves is another key issue to be addressed. In this paper, discussion on ways through which this work of art expresses the social and political issues in relation to Los Angeles will follow suit.

Feb 8, 2013

Group Case Study

Our group’s name is “Graceful Youth Group”. We started the group last year with other two members because of having a common goal to achieve. We acquired other members from the community after them agreeing to work upon the goal and the objectives of the group. Having leadership qualities was one of the regulation upon which we acquired new members. The members of the group also agreed to work with a cordial relationship to avoid unnecessary conflicts that may arise. After the formation of the group, which consisted of fifteen individualities, we conducted a walk across the community to ensure that every member of the group had a prior knowledge of the community as a whole.

In our community, there has been a vast exhibition of soil erosion, with its impact on the people of the community far reaching. Therefore, as the members residing in the community, this triggered us to form a group, which could see us addressing the problem of soil erosion. In the process of establishing our goals, we realized that there were other problems hindering development in our community. We decided that the group was to be there for any problem that may hinder development in our community.

Jan 31, 2013

Social Marketing Essay

Christopher Place Employment
Christopher Place Employment Academy (CPEA) is an intensive residential program which offers training and education, in addition to spiritual, emotional and addiction rehabilitation to former homeless men (Catholic Charities, 2009). Basically, the program entails a program of transition which moves the men from being homeless to having a permanent abode as well as equipping them with necessary knowledge to gain meaningful employment which enables them to live a drugs-free life. In light of the current economic crisis and given that a quarter of Baltimore’s population is currently living in poverty; the program is experiencing increasing demand. CP’s ODBEC assists thousands of people annually from unemployment, hunger and homelessness. Also, the program helps formerly homeless men get back into the mainstay population by engaging them in training workshops and classes that aid the transition phase. Additional services such as mental health counseling, case management, referrals to get community based benefits, workshops to impart skills in job hunting and retaining.

In the last year alone, ODBEC helped 343 homeless people get employment and helped 86 homeless men change and gain stable housing, self-sufficiency and employment via CP’s Employment academy (Catholic Charities, 2009). 688 formerly homeless people graduated from the academy’s Work 4 Success program. CP helps needy people meet their most critical needs, for instance serving meals and giving stable to released inmates. Its transition programs helps released offenders to rebuild their lives through a job readiness program, imparts confidence required for interviews, offers resume writing skills and job placement. Successful graduates of the program are provided with other amenities such as vehicle ownership programs, volunteer/donor sponsored programs and savings programs. They also help in supporting new participants in the program. To continue its good work, CP requires financial support.

Dec 4, 2012