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Business Writing on Persuasion for Charity

Persuasion for Charity
Philanthropy as social corporate responsibly needs to be uplifted and supported by every person and organization. This is because corporate giving demonstrates that organizations feel and support the welfare of the society and local communities. It is therefore, a way of giving back to the society, in recognition of the many benefits that they in turn avail to organizations. Keep a Child Alive is a program aimed at providing treatment, love, and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS across the globe. It also provides lifesaving antiretroviral treatments, care, and other support services to vulnerable children and people in society. The charity has got offices spread throughout the world where they provide their services to this category of people in society. The charity does not rely on government for funding but rather draws its revenue from, their own programs, direct and indirect public support. They report no membership fees, non-government funding, and revenue from earned income. Therefore, it receives its huge chunk (approximately 95% of its total revenue) from private contribution hence makings it one of charity with an impressive fundraising operations.

According to, all information about charity organization can be accessed on the website. The website provides in a simplified manner data about various categories of charity organization in terms of their sources of income, location, the nature of their services, their current financial status, areas of operations among other information concerning them. It is therefore, easy and simple to access and determines the kind of charity to offer donation and support their course. Keep a Child Alive charity in 2009 financial years managed to collect a total income of $4, 088,674, and its expenses amounted to $3,556,335. In the year 2010, 87% of Keep a Child Alive charity revenues came from programs, 7% from fundraising, and 6% from management.

Even though, the charity has not provided tangible information on the exact number of people that were assisted and the number of organization that participated in their initiative by sending their donations, of the total amount contributed, approximately 7% came from fundraising. This implies therefore that only 7% of the total revenue was accrued from donors; both individuals and corporations as large percentage of their revenue is generated from their own programs. According to Keep a Child Alive website, approximately 33.4milion people are infected with HIV/AIDS worldwide and therefore require the intervention of the charity every year. This statistics is a clear indication of how costly it is for the organization to meet its objectives in ensuring that such children and people are taken good care of.

In light of the foregoing, I strongly support the involvement of the company in supporting the charity through social corporate responsibility initiative, by assisting it to reach a wider population to offer their donations and assistance. Apart from leading its philanthropy in supporting the charity, the company will join a larger network of companies involving in philanthropic works and be able to expand its operations, as it will meet new prospective clients. Furthermore, the initiative will enable the company to earn positive reputation from the public as well as increase its coverage to the public hence benefiting. In addition, this interaction will enable the company gain a competitive edge over its competitors, as its customers will feel a sense of care and concern to the needs of the vulnerable in the society.

The business is a partnership type. It is an advertising company dealing in billboards, print and electronic advertising. The company has over 220 employees stationed at different locations. However, its headquarters is located in California. It therefore, serves the local market and foreign market depending on the needs of the client. The company is guided by a mission statement” Information is Power.” This shows how the company values and sees the potential information can have. The power of information is important in triggering course of action. The company currently has recorded an increase in its returns triggering it to join the entire society in contributing back to less fortunate through social corporate responsibility programs. The organization has horizontal leadership structure giving the employees and the management an opportunity to relate and interact freely hence fostering their relationships.

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