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Argumentative Speech on Human Cloning

Human Cloning speech:
Human cloning involves the creation of a generically identical copy of a human. It does not usually refer to the reproduction of human tissues or cells or to the monozygotic multiple births. The ethics of cloning is usually a controversial issue. The term cloning is normally used to refer to artificial human cloning (Almeder 1). Human cloning practices normally raise concerns that are related to ethics. There are those individuals who argue that the practices are not whereas there are also those who are for the practices (Pinon 507).

Ethical views against Human Cloning
There are those individuals who argue that human cloning destroys the unity of parenthood and marriage. Issues like divorce, contraception, vitro fertilization, and extramarital sex ends up affecting the unity of families. Human cloning can create another problem to the unity that normally exists in Christian marriages. This is because the clone with be denied the chance to feel the love of parents (Sherlock and John 573).

There are also those people who argue that cloning human beings will turn them into commodities (Sherlock and John 573). This is because the cloning subjects are referred to as things. A cloning child is a technological project. The child is normally subject to quality control. Treating a person as a thing has become common in our societies. This practice is destructive and immoral. Cloning a child will lead the child being treated as someone’s asset or commodity and not a human being. This is because the child will be perceived as made and not born hence the child might not be treated with respect (Pinon 507).

The cloning of human beings is also dangerous. There has only been one success in sheep cloning. This was after failing for 276 times. Cloned human embryos have been killed in research laboratories (Pinon 507). Consequently, genetic screenings are normally undertaken together with cloned tissues from human. Any embryo that does not pass is normally killed. Due to this, many people argues that cloning has negative aspects to human beings (Sherlock and John 576).

Another ethical issue with regards to human cloning is that, it is an assault to human procreation (Pinon 506). Assisted reproductive technologies are affronts to human dignity. This is because cloning leaves does not prove human procreation. It is a completely artificial reproductive technology (Pinon 506).

Cloning is also a violation of the conjugal union dignity (Sherlock and John 576). In normal circumstances, a child is a sure proof of love the parents bestows on it. The influence and the indication of God’s love is destroyed when a child’s life is created in the laboratory (Pinon 506). Those who are involved in cloning human beings may also be played God. This is because it is only God, and only Him who is our maker (Sherlock and John 576). Those who are engaged in researches to find ways so as to clown human beings will be practicing God’s work. Religious leaders do not agree with cloning as they believe that a human being can only be made by God and not fellow human beings (Sherlock and John 576).

Arguments for Human Cloning
There are also those individuals who argue that human cloning is not unethical or a bad practice. They argue that cloning can be used to counter infertility and/or genetic diseases. They argue that human cloning can be a solution for those individuals who have infertility problems because they can be able to get children through the process. Those who are infertile can be able to get preferable donors eggs. They also argue that the process is a little different from the birth of identical twins. Cloning has also been argued that it meets deep human desire to reproduce. Those who advocate for cloning of human being also argue that what matters is how the child is treated after birth (Pinon 510).

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