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6 Essential Tips to Memorize to Save on Advanced Presentation Skills Training

When you are tasked with creating a presentation for a class, having advanced presentation skills training can help you impress your audience and make your performance mind-blowing. There are tons of courses online that offer such training, but some of them are ineffective or expensive.

It is for this reason that learning these tips are a much better investment as far as improving your skill-set is concerned:

  1. Give Slides with Just One or Two Bullets to Summarize Your Content
    This is important. When you are creating your slide, add one or two words which function as a roadmap to the presentation. This is essential for the audience and for you. You can prepare yourself by making sure you have just a few keywords which remind you of all the sections to cover, and the order of stating your info.advanced presentation skills training
  2. Divide Your Information into 3 Main Points
    Again, it is very crucial to follow this tip. You don’t want to be overloaded nor do you want your audience to be over informed. By separating the slides and the notes into three main points, you can cover your presentation just as easily as you would write a 5 paragraph essay. You will stay on point, and so will your audience.
  3. Edit for Clarity
    You want to only have the keywords you need in your presentation. This means you will likely condense or edit for clarity on more than one occasion. You will benefit from making a list of the words and phrases your audience need to pay special attention to and try to articulate that list from memory. Have the ability to take self-assessments, even those created by yourself: they help to memorize the information you need to deliver without using prompts and cue cards. This might include practicing on someone else before you present to your class.
  4. Find Great Images to Represent the Points You Make
    They say a picture is worth 1000 words and this is absolutely true for a presentation. If you can find one great photo to represent your content, you will have no issue remembering the related facts or notes when you are presenting. The photo is not just there to drive your point home, but to attract the attention of the audience and make them remember what you are talking about.
  5. Use Notes Sparingly and Keep the Audience Engaged
    You will want to have some notes so that you can really remember key items, but not so many that you fail to notice the fact that no one else is listening. Do what you can to rely upon the pictures and bullet points inside your slides and presentation.
  6. Ask Easy Questions of Those Paying Attention
    For example, if you see someone on a cell phone and you ask them a series of questions, you will come off as though you are scolding them in class. But if you regularly ask questions after each slide or two, you can avoid looking like the angry parent and still keep the audience engaged.

Overall, the ability to remember, especially when you are giving a presentation is paramount. The more you can remember the better eye contact and presentation you can make. But it’s essential to keep the audience attentive as well because they need to extract something from your presentation too. That’s why you need to follow the tips listed above and make your PowerPoint presentation short, precise and bright.

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