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6 Brand New Ways to Use One English Worksheet to Nail Down Your Grammar Skills

To be good at English, international students should work hard all the time because before going to an English speaking country, they need to learn the language first. Given this fact, their almost every English studying class passes with the help of worksheets. But what happens with these worksheets after the class? Students throw them away, as they do not see any reason to do the same task again It seems boring for them! But what if you can substitute a heap of worksheets with only one to gain different goals? Learning English as a second language becomes easier if you do it english grammar worksheetinteractively. There are some ways to use an already analyzed card to train different skills and not to be bored with it. Let’s have a look at these interesting and, above all, useful ways to reuse one English worksheet to nail down your grammar skills.

1.   Extend the Sentence

Here you use the material from the worksheet, but now your task is to extend sentences making them complex or compound without changing the tense. Completing such a task, you are practicing the particular grammar tense and, moreover, recollecting the material about complex and compound sentences. Thus, there is one more additional benefit of such a task.

2.   Assort Synonyms

Once again, you use the same worksheet, but this time you read each sentence and mull over the synonyms to the main verb that could extend the sentence without changing its main idea. Completing this exercise, you are to use your word-stock to assort as many synonyms as possible. To motivate yourself more, do this task as a competition with your friend, who also wants to learn English. After such a contest the winner could be awarded, for example, with a tasty goodie.

3.   Make a Short Story

Read every sentence and imagine a situation where this sentence would be suitable. Then, choose the sentence you like the most and tell a story you’d like to develop to your family members or friends. This particular task involves improving some skills: on the one hand, you improve your speaking skills using a fixed grammar tense, on the other hand you develop creativity and imagination that are also very important not only on grammar classes.

4.   Change the Type of the Sentence

One more exercise can be devoted to the types of sentences. You have to  know three of them: affirmative, negative and interrogative. You read the written sentence and change it into other types. If the sentence is affirmative, the task is to make it negative and interrogative. If it is negative, you make it affirmative and interrogative.

5.   Change the Voice of the Sentence

The voice in the English grammar is a tricky unit that should be practiced for a long time to be understood. You read a sentence, if it is used in active voice, make it passive, if it is in passive, make it active.

6.   Make a Themed Story

It is perfect if there is a holiday in your area in the nearest time. But if it isn’t, you may choose any holiday you like. The task is to read all the sentences and unite them into a complex story about your favorite holiday. This task can also be organized as a competition with your friend, or a group mate. If your partner is from another county, you may tell about your national holidays, for example. The funniest story could land a prize.

Thus, you can see that you mix up creativity, desire and an analyzed grammar worksheet, it is possible to “cook” a brand new task. Do not get sloppy! There is no need to peruse the internet or to submerge into the heap of books finding extra exercises to practice any grammar topic. Solution is nearer than you think. Enjoy your English classes! If you need certified writing assistance, we will easily write an English research paper for you, on any topic.

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