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5 Ways to Write an A+ Capstone Research Paper

To cut a long story short, here are 5 sure ways to write an A+ deserving Capstone research paper.

1st Way: Understand and respond accurately to the topic that you have been given

  • Understanding the title is the first step that you should do. Carefully read the title of the issue and make sure you understand what you are asked and what answers you should give.
  • Then, gather your thoughts and write down all the concepts or keywords that you think are related to the title of the written work. This way you will form an initial, rough image of the frame of your work.
  • After you gather some basic ideas, you can then proceed to the next step: a summary of the work is now realistic and necessary.
  • You should now develop the concepts you marked. But beware: written work does not mean scattered ideas and information.capstone research paper

2nd Way: Organize the structure of your work (Checklist)

You should make a synthesis of the material you have studied and give a structured response. The text should follow a logical order, which explains and guides the teacher to your own reasons. The more easily you understand the structure of your text, the more positive will be the evaluation of your written work.

A thesis usually has three main parts:

  • introduction
  • main theme and
  • conclusions.

According to your original plan and the summary that you have written, you can start writing. The growth of import, the main subject and the conclusions are basically subjective matters.

3rd Way: Expand the subject in your own words and by your plan

  • It is essential to develop your work with your own words; present your own ideas. Also, avoid continuous quotations, if not necessary. Copying equals failure; it is best to take notes from your study material. If notes are good, they are certainly useful; feel free to use them in your work. Your thoughts will grow much better if you follow your own words and your own expressions. If you want to add a paragraph, or thoughts of another author, then you should report the name and source of information in your script, but also in literature.
  • It is good to quote your arguments and your thoughts in a structured way. Your job should include sections and subsections, which must be given the appropriate title. From section to section, the text must develop gradually, using inductive reasoning, to a complete argument, that will document your opinion on the requested work.

4th Way: Emphasis in the text language

Your purpose is to write a text that will exude professionalism and style:

  • Draw the structure of your document before you start writing. Write the outline view titles of sections and subsections.
  • Structure your text around your point. Each paragraph should describe one issue.
  • Use active voice, especially in English.
  • Use objective language expressions.
  • The academic work is not about personal ideas; everything should be supported by literature.

5th Way. Cornell’s Method

  • Divide the paper into two columns. The right part must be larger.
    Right side: Notes
    Left side: Keywords
  • Inventory – Write notes on the right side.
  • Reduction – Transfer the keywords from the right to the left side.
  • Recitation – Recite information using keywords.
  • Reflection – Associate the information with your own experiences, add your own thoughts.
  • Repeat – Use the left side during the semester.

Hope these ideas were useful.

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