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5 Strategies to Overcome Your Essay Writing Anxiety

There will be some times in your student life when you will have to deal with writing anxiety or writer’s block. It will stop you in your tracks. The words will escape your mind instead of rolling off of your tongue. It happens even to the best writers, so don’t think that you are doing something wrong. However, there are times when you can’t just hang it up for the night: you have to hit that deadline. So, when you hit that “brick wall”, here are some things that will break right through it, so that you can get back to the process.

  1. Writing Buddy. When times are getting tough and you feel as though you can’t pull through, you can really benefit from having a writing buddy. They act as a great sounding board to bounce some ideas off. They can also help you decide on what to write when you get stuck. Get yourself a writing buddy (your friend or your group mate), so that when you are stuck, you can get in touch with them and they can help you work your way out of it.
  2. Assess Your Strengths. Understand what you are good at. There are certain styles of writing that you will do better than others. For example, not everyone can write creatively. Some can do it without an issue. Others are great with academic pieces. Gravitate around the assignments that you are good at. If there are parts of an essay that you are good with, skip to that section. You don’t have to write a paper from beginning to end. When you have the best part of your paper written, it will be much easier to complete it by adding what is missing.
  3. Understand the Process. Many writers get stuck because they have some unrealistic ideas about the writing process. Some writers expect to handle a writing assignment in a certain amount of time and then if they fail to meet their expectations, it makes it hard for them. Writing is such a mental game. You need to not only understand what you are writing about, but you also have to know that there will be times when even the simplest assignments take too long.
  4. Give Yourself Some Credit. You need to give yourself some credit for being able to write the way you do. It is not always easy and sometimes you just need to give yourself a pat on the back. Think about your accomplishments. When it comes to understanding the writing process, you have to realize that a large portion of it is mental. If you are not in the right mindset, you may not be able to effectively write the papers that you are trying to finish. You need to understand the writing process and realize that sometimes you won’t get it right the first time around.
  5. Get Support. If you are still struggling, you can always seek professional essay writing help online. It is the best way to get out of funk because the professional writers have many tips that you can use. They can help you brainstorm ideas, come up with a good topic, and assist you when you are stuck. When you are feeling anxious, they can walk you through the writing process and make it much easier.

These tips will help you when you get in a jam. If you have the time, you can always walk away and come back to it later. The ideas will start flowing again and you can get back to work. Take a walk, get a snack, or do a couple of jumping jacks. Just break your train of thought and watch the ideas flood back in.

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