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5 Helpful Replies to Your Question “Where Can I Write an Essay Online?”

Today, we can do almost anything online. Modern students pass most of the day on the Internet, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It simply makes sense to store your files on a cloud. Cloud storage backs up your files in case your computer crashes or your phone is stolen or lost, and you can access your files from any device with an Internet connection. Most of these services also feature sharing between users. Here are five useful websites where you can store your files.

1. Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive offers two different plans, Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything. With Unlimited Photo, you can store—you guessed it—unlimited number of photos for only $12 per month. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the service is included to your membership. You also receive 5 GB for other file types, including videos and documents.Write an Essay Online

Unlimited Everything costs $60 annually for unlimited storage of all file types. However, the file has to be under 2 GB unless you use the Cloud Drive desktop app, available for PC and Mac. It also has apps for iOS and Android that automatically upload videos and photos you shoot from your device.

You can manage and view your files from the Cloud Drive website, but the Amazon Cloud Drive is a fairly cost-effective way to store your files, and the automatic upload feature is very convenient.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an easy to comprehend cloud storage system for any file type. You can upload files through Dropbox’s website or via its desktop and mobile apps. Files are conveniently synced across all your devices.

Upon signing up for Dropbox, you get 2 GB of storage, which admittedly is not much. However, you can earn more storage space by completing simple actions like participating in a tutorial, using certain features, or inviting a friend to sign up.

Dropbox’s simple design is perfect for beginners who are not going  to store a great number of files.

3. XDrive

AOL’s XDrive is one more affordable tool for cloud storage. The site provides you with 5 GB for free, and offers 50 GB for a fee of $120 annually.

XDrive also features an upload accelerator that can upload files 50% faster, and you can create slideshows of your stored photos and music. XDrive does not have any limits on file size or bandwidth, so it’s great for someone who wants to store videos, movies, or other large files.

4. Box

Box has stricter limits on storage than some of its analogs, but it also boasts some excellent features. Box has a Facebook app that allows you to upload files and share them directly with your friends on Facebook, and it offers full mobile access.

Originally intended for business and IT users, Box has features to assign tasks, comment on the work of others, and extensively control privacy and sharing options. As for the disadvantages, the 10 MB file size limit can create difficulties while uploading videos and other large files.

Box is a good choice for someone who needs to collaborate with colleagues, as it offers some convenient and helpful features.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a good option if you want your cloud storage to hold such tools like a word processor, calendar, presentation builder, and spreadsheet application. Google Drive could be the cloud storage system for you if you ask yourself, “Where can I write my essay online?” It also offers you 15 GB for free, which is one of the best deals available.

Cloud storage is always a smart and convenient choice in today’s world. If you are interested in storing your files online, those sites will be handy to get you started.

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