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5 Alternate Candidates that Students Ask to Be Their Writing Tutors

Writing tutors usually charge high fees that the average college student cannot afford. If you would like to hire a professional tutor, but simply do not have the money to spend, here are five options to consider.

1. Friends

If you have a friend who is an excellent writer or enjoys writing papers, you can ask him/her to be your writing tutor. Perhaps, you are good at math so you can offer him/her math tutoring in Writing Tutorsexchange for writing help. Asking your friend for help is a good option because it is usually easier to work with someone you feel comfortable. In addition, your friend knows you and can probably figure out how to explain information in a way that makes sense to you.

2. Relatives

If you have a cousin, aunt, grandparent, or sibling who excels at writing, they will most likely be willing to help you write a paper. Relatives will support you for free. If you aren’t sure who of your relatives is a good writer, try asking if someone would like to be your writing tutor.

3. Senior Student

Another good idea is to hire a senior student, preferably one who has already graduated from the university. This person will consult you on how to write papers successfully on the specific subject or for the particular professor. He/she will do it much better than someone else. You may even ask for his/her own papers you can read for guidance. Most graduates work as tutors just after finishing the university in order to earn some extra cash, while they are unemployed. Of course he/she may charge you for tutoring, but the fee will not be as high as for a professional helper.

4. Professor

Most professors have office hours, the time set aside for students to come to the professor’s office and ask their questions. So, when you have some troubles with paper writing you may feel free to ask your supervisor for help. It does not matter what kind of questions you have. Maybe you need some advice on topic selection, or you are wondering if your paper is organized appropriately. Take into account that you are not the only one who needs help, and your professor may speak to several other students at the same time. So, if you have decided to go there, it is better to plan what you want to ask, in order not to come there hundred times every day with only one question per time.

Keep in mind that your professor is the one who will grade your paper, so they are often the best people to ask for advice. As well as professors also notice and appreciate students who take the time and efforts to attend office hours.

5.  Classmates

If you have no relatives or no senior students to help you, you may ask your group mates if they have such people who help them with the assignments. Everyone knows that the best way to comprehend  the material is to explain it to other people. So, ask your classmates if anyone is aware of the issue you have faced. If there is one who knows it, he/she will help you for sure, as well as, if you are good at the questions other students ask, you may help them too. Even more, it is a great idea to organize a study group, where students can discuss all the tricky points sitting together in a room.

Do not worry about not having enough money to afford a professional writing tutor. There are lots of great options that will fit into any budget!

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