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4 Devices That Will Turn Reading English Writing Books into Pleasure

Every avid reader has had to deal with cramps in their hands from holding English writing books for too long, squinting in the dark to finish just one more chapter, trying to fit a hefty book into a small bag, and struggled to get comfortable while reading. For some people, the digital age of books is a wonder, but others prefer to hold the paper in their hands. Just as writers who like using pen and paper instead of writing via computer software. This article describes devices that can help with different reading mediums; so whatever your preference is, you are sure to learn about something that you’ll like.


From Kindles to Nooks, e-readers to apps, digital versions of books seem to be taking over the mainstream. While some rejoice at this, others aren’t too comfortable with the idea of a book that needs to be charged. Other people are concerned with the price of these tablets, but these sceptics may not know what they are missing out. Many tablets include backlights, making reading in the dark easier. Also they are lighter and thinner than the average book, making them an easy carriage. Dead batteries are rarely an issue, as most tablets hold a decent charge and recharge quickly when needed. As for the price, the average Kindle sells for around $100-200. While this can seem pricey, Amazon offers free book downloads, making the purchase worth the cost.


Reading lights have come a long way in recent years. With these new products, a person can read in bed without waking up their partner. Child can read under the covers without their parents knowing that they’re still up. Some gadgets that can help with this are book lights that can be attached to the book like a mini-lap, reading glasses with built in lights, and page illuminators that light up the page you are on.


Comfort has always been a big issue when it comes to reading, but luckily, there are products that can make holding a book—or having something else hold it for you—much easier. One comfortable product is the pillow stand, a book holder that looks and feels like a pillow. Book chairs and tablet stands (applicable to both books and tablets) stabilize your book just the way you need it. This is sure to make reading more comfortable for anyone.


So far, this article has consisted of practical book accessories, but there are plenty of fun things you can get to enhance your reading. Digital bookmarks are great for kids who have trouble reading as much as they should. All the parent needs to do is set the timer and leave their kids alone to read. Another cool bookmark can also work as a highlighter, making it easier for people to keep track of what line they are on. Many book apps and tablets also have features that allow the reader to use virtual bookmarks and highlighters to keep track of where they are and what they think is interesting in the book.

There are new gadgets coming out every day that can turn  reading into an easier, comfier, and, generally, more enjoyable activity. The most important part of reading is having a good time while doing it. There’s hardly a point in picking up a book or a tablet if you aren’t going to enjoy it. In the end, it hardly matters which means the person uses to read, as long as they keep on reading. The devices listed above can be great tools to assist with reading, helping seasoned readers keep it up, and encouraging new readers to get started.

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Dec 5, 2016